About Me

By redpanda On September 27th, 2009

Hello, my name is Karen, welcome to my rebuilt web site. My first site was originally built in in 2006 as a surprise christmas present. This site was built in October 2008, again by my husband Tim
The domain name windriders was the name we had for a web site several years ago which ended up with a different domain name. It represents our interest in kite flying particularly traction kite flying. We like to spend most summer weekends at our local flying site or travelling to events around the south of England, but unfortunately and injury has stopped both of us from flying for most of 2008. I use this site to post pictures (and some video) I have taken and not only kite related pictures but pictures of my surroundings, what ever takes my fancy.
Well as I said earlier my name is Karen I am cough, cough years of age, I am married to husband Tim and we have 2 children. I am a local girl having been born and brought up in the New Milton area of Hampshire then moving to the Poole – Bournemouth area when I met my husband. I work locally in the insurance business.

My (our) interests in kites started back in 2002 when we went to Weymouth Kite Festival. Several months later we went to Portsmouth Kite Festival. It was there that we bought our *first traction kite although only a small one. By the end of summer were a 3 kite family and it has slowly gone on from there. We now have a large selection of kites, both our son and daughter love flying.

After Kite flying my other main interest is photography, this web site has two galleries covering kite flying and non kite flying. I also post pictures on the Baiter Power Kites and the Windfreaks web site. The picture on the Baiter Power Kites web site tend to be directly related to members and event of Baiter Power Kites, Windfreaks covers local Kite surfing, while the pictures on this site are from all facet of the kiting world.

My other interest include Speedway (thats motorbikes on oval dirt tracks racing at over 60mph with no brakes!!!), of course I support the local Poole Pirates team and have done so for 30 plus years. In my younger days I have travelled across europe to watch speedway as well as travelling the UK to watch the Poole Pirate ride.

My taste in music is wide and varied, my current favourites are, The Fratelli’s, Kaiser Cheifs, Kasabian, Lily Allen, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and oldies like Santana, Chris De Burgh, Duran Duran, Spandu Ballet. Take your time to have a look round and then let me know what you think.