Time to catch up

By redpanda On September 29th, 2009

Well as its been a few weeks since I wrote something I figured it was time to catch up.

The new job is going well and I have made some nice friends there. We are all now settling in to our teams nicely but I think we miss each others company as we were always on the same breaks, but now we sort of run into each other now and again (except for me and Luke who are on the same team and sit next to each other.) I love the hours too. Mostly 8.30 til 4.30 with a later start finish thrown in.

Not been flying for a while so it may come down to going to Westward Ho! for a few days when we are off at half term. If not we will have to get organised and get down to Baiter or perhaps even West Wittering.

We also have a new no wind hobby. Cycling. I have not cycled for years but we bought new mountain bikes for those no wind/its in the wrong direction wind days. Picked them up on Saturday and went out and about on them and as usual I managed to fall off. Nothing more than a bruised ego not to mention a few bruised body parts. Still I enjoyed it. A lot more than I actually expected to.  I just need to get a cushioned saddle then I’ll be fine. I ached a bit but that was more from falling off rather than the cycling its self. I want to go out again this weekend sometime and get some more practice in.

The saga of the cooker continues. Not content with not having an oven since about April, we finally got to ordering a new one which was delivered last Wednesday. Except it cannot be used because the beading round the hob is damaged and appears to be manufacturers damage rather than delivery damage. So it is sat in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be collected next Monday and a new one delivered. Oh the joys of dealing with the supplier and the manufacturer. Who is supplying it I have no idea.

I am going to stop waffling for now and will update more regularly.

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