It a long time since I wrote

By Tim On June 4th, 2007

Since I actually sat down and wrote anything. To be honest so much has happened I don’t know where to start. I will start with my birthday and go from there I think.

Well I am another year older and may be a little wiser and still a big kid when it comes to birthdays. I think we all are really. I love the 2.5 Punk Rage that the other half got me. It’s really restored my confidence to fly again after spending a year out with the knee injury.

Kristie also left school that week so instead of going out for a meal for my birthday we left it til later in the week and went out to the Cat and Fiddle at Hinton to celebrate her leaving school as well. Bit of a mistake that. Has to be one of the worst meals out I have ever had. It was a disaster and the only really good part was the starter. Back to Kristie though, she is looking for a part time job and is going on to college to do a BTEC in Music Technology in September. She also had her school Prom on the 22nd and looked striking in a metallic dark red dress with matching wrap.

June also saw Southampton Kite Festival, which was fun. Caught up with a lot of old friends and met a few new faces. Took loads of photos and helped with the arena displays. Also managed a bit of a session both days with the rage. Did think about having a go with the 5m Samurai 2 we have not long had but gave up on the idea when the wind picked up. I don’t want to risk another injury. It was bad enough being out for that long without doing something stupid again.

Other bits in June. Chris Harris winning the British Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff. I really wanted to go to that but was not able to. I have to say that has to be the best meeting I have ever seen either live or on TV. I have never seen so many passes or moves in one meeting as I did at that one. I so wish I had been there. I suppose you could say that Harris is Speedways answer to Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1.

Been in the new job 4 months now and I am still enjoying it. I sometimes find it is harder than I thought it would be but I find everyone around me really helpful and its really busy with all the floods that are around at the moment. Sometimes I feel there is no time to do anything between calls but having said that it has quietened down a little bit now.

July has also seen a lot of wet horrible weather. I suppose we have been lucky down here compared to some parts of the country. I know through work the number of people who are badly affected by the floods is a lot higher than you can tell from the news. When they first showed the pictures from around Tewkesbury (on one of the news reports it showed an aerial shot of the branch of the company Tim works for under water) it made me realise just how lucky we have been here. Only the odd heavy shower and that’s it really.

Thinking about it though the weekend we did Eastbourne Extreme was a real mixed bag of weather. We went from being overcast and cool to bright sunshine and extreme heat with showers and a 6am Sunday morning thunderstorm. It was a fabulous weekend with loads going on including downhill buggying at the campsite (which I should add is probably the cleanest one I have ever been to with a motorhome.) a great BBQ on Saturday night, some good flying on the Saturday and a little on the Sunday but the wind dropped right off. Everyone being happy and having a good time. Only problem was when a certain person who shall remain nameless almost took me out with their buggy and took out a young lads Ozone Manta instead. Worse still I had just straightened the kite out cos it had got tangled up. I thought the bridles had gone to start with but it turned out that it had ripped the seams in a couple of panels in about 3 or 4 places. The young lad it happened to later said to me that he thought I was going to get knocked flying by the guy in the buggy. I would have been spitting feathers if that had happened. Again took loads of pictures which are in a photo montage and some are going up on here as well.

More Speedway. GB’s disastrous performance in the World Cup left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. They just were not prepared for it or had the right equipment. Chalk it up to experience but on the night the Poles deserved to win. The last GP threw up a few surprises too. Never expected Holta or Nichols to make the final but they did and Nicky Pedersen is just unstoppable. He is more mature this year and I can see him actually being the World Champion again this year.

Ryan has come off his special needs statement and I have got what we wanted for him. The use of a laptop to do school work from September. A year earlier than planned but it will be worth it in the end. The statement was only for his speech so for the Dyspraxia he is on Action Plan Plus.

Losing weight. I have a plan that I need to lose about 5 stone in weight to get back to how I was pre the kids. If anyone who reads this has any sensible ideas then please use the contact me box. Its not as though I don?t eat sensibly because I do. I try and nothing really happens. It’s driving me mad and all I want to be is thinner again.

Look out for some slightly different bits in Gallery 1. I am going to be doing a few sections dedicated to individual fliers. The first one’s to go up will be of Adam Davidge and Mark Berry from a session at Baiter last Saturday. More will follow but not sure who and when yet. You never know it could be you next.

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