Wet days and injured knees

By Tim On May 1st, 2007

Well this last couple of weeks has seen the other half on crutches and unable to walk due to a rather nasty knee injury. The trouble is he cannot tell you what he did to cause it. He was just sat here at his desk the other morning when he turned in his chair and just yelled in agony. It was so bad I had to get my Dad had to drive him to the hospital. They have no idea what he has done to it and neither do we. Still he is going back to work tomorrow having been signed off for two weeks but I have told him to make sure the crutches are in the car.

Watched most of the European Speedway Grand Prix last night. Didn’t Chris Harris do well getting a podium place for the Brits. He is far and away the best British rider for many years. I’ve only ever been to two world finals. Norden in Germany in 1983 and Bradford in 1985 but that was before they started the Grand Prix series. Have not been down to Poole yet this year but might be going on my birthday in 4 weeks cos its being televised and they usually do concessions for televised matches. Should be a great night out.

Kristie is in the full swing of GCSE’s now, She is finding it a bit tough going but I am sure she will get the grades she needs for college in the end. She needs 4 grade C or above to get on to the course she wants to do, which is a BTEC in Music Technology which is the equivalent of 3 ‘A’ levels. What she wants to do after that is anybody’s guess.

Well we went to Wroughton Saturday and it was wet. Very wet in the end. Though in the dry bits it was good. Thanks to Zotty for letting me shelter under the awning with the rest of the family and about half a dozen others. Was good to catch up with some people that I had not seen for a while and meet a few new ones. Took loads of pictures again which should be up by now. Did feel a bit of a twit stood on the runway but it was ok, til someone with a Blue Peter Lynn Geurilla nearly knocked me flying not once but twice. The down side is that there was a shorter runway than usual and the wind direction it was made long runs difficult. Still it was a nice day out. Oh and once again hats off to the Posh Pancake people Sue and Bob who make the yummiest pancakes in the world. Cheese and Mushroom one rock.

Loads of stuff coming up but will tell you all that in the next blog.

Busy 3 weeks.

Started with Ryan’s birthday. He turned 7 on 18 May and is really growing up. Had his regular paediatric check on the Tuesday before and he is now 4ft 1 and a bit. The bit is very important to him as it is to me as well. We have already been told he is going to be over 6ft tall which is taller than me and Tim but then both our Dad’s were about 6ft tall. He also got spoilt as usual.

Then came the build up to Middle Wallop. Nearly had to use the tent rather than the Motorhome but it was resolved in the end. I am never sleeping above the cab again. It was so claustrophobic that at times I felt I could not breath. Still the kids loved it cos it had bunk beds at the back. Wallop its self was great apart from the rain on Sunday but it is what you make the event. Saturday dawned nice and bright but not a great amount of wind but enough to get everyone out flying. Got my only field photo session in on Saturday morning and then spent 4 hours Saturday afternoon out on the field marshalling. Oh boy did my feet ache after that. Saturday also saw Tim end up on crutches for most of the rest of the weekend as he decided to walk without them down to the far end of the field where the best of the best were doing their jumps and stuff. Then decided to walk back. I half expected him to ring me and ask that I send St John’s or Mike down to get him. I also got given an early birthday present. A lovely 2.5 Punk Rage. Yes its Pink. I jokingly said a few weeks back I ‘d like a small Punk Sabre and I then find out that my family have been hiding this in the house for about 6 weeks. I love them to bits for it and it means so much to me. I did get to test it during a dry patch on Sunday for about 10 minutes and it created quite an impression. Now that my knee is recovered I am looking forward to flying it more than ever. Then came Sunday. It rained. And it rained. And it rained. Some people gave up and went home. We stayed and had a good time in the beer tent in the afternoon with the Sumo Wrestling and the kids all getting involved in that and then with the Karaoke in the evening. Till the high winds set in and then there were tents everywhere. First to go was the registration tent which looked like a kite flying on one line. Then the first aid marquee went and that was found by the radar tower with the contents strewn across the field. One thing I do not relish the thought of doing again is sleeping 8 in a motorhome again. That night our friends Martin and Nicole lost their tent (poles snapped and tent ripped) so we slept 4 of the 5 of them in the motorhome and Martin slept in a single tent with the van parked up next to it. Next morning ended up cooking breakfast for 9 and giving up and going home at 11.00 as by that time we had had enough of the rain. Only to discover when we got home the rain had cleared and it was nice. The most important thing about Wallop for me though was that I was able to lay to rest a lot of the ghosts from the year before. And seeing my good friend Lisa really helped. She always cheers me up. I am so happy that she and Mell are getting married hopefully later this year.

Tuesday was another thing altogether. Found we had a water leak under the sink and it was in the most awkward place possible. Stuff this we’ll isolate it and go to the HQ kite demo. It rocked. Jan and his team brought all sorts of kites and good weather to Baiter with them and we had a great time taking pictures and seeing the HQ team do some fantastic jumps with Montana’s and the new Apex kite. Kristie had a go on the 3 and 5m Apex but they were a bit much for her. She loved them anyway.

The rest of our week off was a bit hit and miss Sorting out the water leak, sorting out and ordering a new front door and me going into hospital. I have now had my treatment and hopefully it will be the end to a lot of problems that I have had in the past especially since Ryan was born. I won’t go into detail but its to do with womens problems. The only downside is that I woke up at 4 this morning in agony so came down to take some pain killers and ended up reading my favorite parenting website for 10 minutes. I now feel dead to the world so will make sure I have an early night.

More in a couple of weeks including hopefully something about me and my Punk Rage

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