A new month a new Job

By redpanda On March 5th, 2007

More Kite Surfing observing (some pictures to be uploaded still) and actually being able to fly at a newly dried out Baiter. First time out for the other half in his buggy since the Ho! last October and for the daughter on her board since Sky Park again last October. Wind was good and some excellent runs got in by the people who were there as it was not too overcrowded.

We also took the not so littley down there last Sunday for a blast on his 1.2 Sting which he loved. As he has Dyspraxia it helps with his co-ordination. I also had a little go on it but was a bit daunting for me not having flown since my knee injury last Easter. Still its probably a good one to practice with.

Went to the SEKA (South East Kiting Association) at Lordshill in Southampton the next day. Very gusty and Tim in his infinite wisdom managed to cut off the brake bridle and cut two of the lines on my 2m Buster. Not happy as it was my birthday present 2 years ago and has only been flown about 4 times. We think it is repairable but we are currently weighing up if its worth it due to the cost. So that means I could get a new kite out of it (a 2m Samurai would be nice dear). Still the few of us that were there had a laugh. Oh and Spook you were a bit overpowered on that Venom.

March and I started my new job. After a spell of unemployed I have taken up a position as a Home Claims Negotiator for a company specialising in property management insurance. They are a nice group of people on our small team and think nothing of sending out for food at any time whether it is cream cakes, KFC, or even fried breakfast rolls. There is me on a diet and get all this food tempting me. I will never lose weight.

So that is what has happened since the website started. With Easter coming up and the Summer I am sure there will be loads to report so will be updating this at least once a week if not more often.

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