In the Beginning

By redpanda On January 3rd, 2007

Started getting the pictures prepared for the kite gallery. Its hard to know what to put in it sometimes so I decided to start with a flying friends one (apologies if you are not in there yet but if I have you on camera then the chances are you will be eventually). Have had loads of messages of support through the website and compliments about the pictures which is fantastic.

We went to Westward Ho! on 20 January to watch the racing on the beach. Started out very windy and eventually during the third race as we were walking back from the cafe a sudden squall hit the beach and there were horizontal hailstones everywhere and there were kites all over the place several of which had broken lines. Then again it was gusting up to 60 mph at the time so it was hardly suprising. By the time we got back to the car we were soaked through which was not brilliant for a three hour drive home. One thing I can recommend it the Breakfast Rolls at the Beach Cafe by the slipway. They are very good value for money and very filling.

Most Sundays in January were spent watching the kite surfers at Sandbanks or of Hengistbury Head.

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