Flaming Tummy Bug………..

By redpanda On July 30th, 2009

not sure if it is the same as I had last week or something else but I seem to be prone to the tummy bug that is doing the rounds. Just spoken to my Dad and he says that Mum has it as well. I got sent home with it yesterday and rested up today although did have some fun with Ryan on Wii Sports Resort. I like the Wakeboarding and Frisbee games best. Playing that really cheered me up as I have felt a bit down because of the tummy bug. Going to have a go at Wii Fit again in a minute.

Handed in my notice on Monday too. Being ill has not helped the cause but I am looking forward to the new job as it is a new challenge that I will relish.

I have also made a decision about being more positive about things. I have had a lot of time to think while I have been off and I just wish that I had thought about it sooner. I have decided that I need to rid myself of anything that is causing a negative reaction in my life. That includes spending less time on the PC, more time doing the things I should be doing in the way of housework, spending time with the kids and Tim and making sure that there is nothing that will cause any hassles like alcohol and unwanted friends around. It also means that there will be a more positive bearing on the way I do things in general like to do with the bank and things like that. Sometimes when things have got on top of me all I have wanted to do is cry. I need to stop that and only cry when I need to for a reason. Though saying that this tummy bug has brought tears to my eyes a few times.

The new me starts here………………..will update soon

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