That was the week that was

By redpanda On July 26th, 2009

as a holiday a total disaster. A weekend in Southend, a day in Southampton and a day in Swanage because I felt so rough was all we managed to do. Saying that we did get out and fly today. Well Tim did. I just sat there and watched. Talked to a few people about flying and what the local area is like. Or more to the point the lack of local flying sites. I wish there were more but as Baiter is the only one I guess we will have to make do with that and the odd trip to Westward Ho! for now.

Feeling a bit rough still but nothing like as bad as earlier in the week. Stomach still twinges from time to time but is not too bad now. I can eat better now as long as I am careful. Fizzy drinks and bland food seem to be working. Not sure how it will affect my weight but will find out tomorrow night.

Went to Swanage yesterday and sat on the cliffs at Peverell Point watching the Red Arrows. OMG they are amazing. Because of where we were stood they seemed to come so close to us. One of them flew over and it was almost as if you could touch it as it seemed so close. I also got some very nice pictures of them which will be on my website shortly. We took a picnic and had a lovely time. I felt a whole lot better than I did the rest of the week and the fresh air did me good. It was nice sitting out in the sunshine and the clouds covered the sun at just the right time to take pictures.

Back to work tomorrow. Need to speak to the boss about my new job and advise that I will be finishing on 07 August. I knew that something would have to be done about another job as this was due to finish in April anyway but I actually feel quite sad about it as there was less stress in this job than any I have done in the last ten years. Oh well things happen and its time to move on even if it is sooner than I expected it to be.

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