I hate being ill………….

By redpanda On July 23rd, 2009

it got so bad I went to the doctor this morning who said its gastroenteritis. No wonder I have been in so much pain……………bland food for the next few days for me then though made a mistake and ate some grapes earlier which was not a wise move at all.

On the plus side this week as the majority of it has been a disaster I have been offered and have accepted a new permanent job with the department of Work and Pensions as a benefit advisor in the local call centre. Its good money and I should be able to work more or less the same hours as I am now, give or take half an hour. I will miss the people that I am working with now though. I have come to like them a lot and they are just a lively team to work with. I still have to tell the boss at the agency and also the boss at where I am but that can wait til I go back on Monday.

Not much else to tell due to not really being able to do anything.

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