Time I caught up with things

By redpanda On July 21st, 2009

Well been to Southend instead of Eastbourne. Very little rain (less than here by all accounts) and very gusty wind meant very little flying done. But we had fun and ended up sat around a bonfire on Saturday night. Only thing that I forgot to pack was the gas lighter for the hob and had to use matches which I hate. It was nice to get away just the two of us. There were not many people at the event due to the wind but we still had a good time.

We are on holiday this week. Stands to reason that it rained all day today. Went to the new Ikea in Southampton yesterday. What a store and how reasonably priced are they? I could have spent a fortune and yet spent about a tenner all told. Got some tea cups and saucers that are bigger than tea mugs for less than £3.00 each set. They have a small food hall in there too which had some really nice things in if only we could have gone straight home. Had to get the kids from Paultons Park on the way back.

Today we had big trouble with the front door and had to call someone out to fix it. We have had it about three years and the whole of the lock mechanism has gone on it. The people we got it from have done a temporary fix and will source the full lock in order to fix it properly.

I have also been ill again. Not content with a throat bug over the last couple of weeks I now have the stomach ache from hell. Not sure what I have eaten (except a Subway type roll in West Quay yesterday) that could have caused it. So the only place I have been today is H2O for Kristie’s new harness and Sainsburys for Eggs and bread. Think I will have an early night though.

Not sure what we are doing for the rest of the week. Hope to go flying tomorrow……………if it ever stops raining…………….

More soon

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