Have I really not

By redpanda On July 11th, 2009

written anything since Tuesday? I can’t believe it is that long ago since I wrote. But then that could be because not a lot has really happened since then.

Had a review at work and got what is considered to be an above average grade for a ‘new starter’. I was very happy with that especially as I thought that I was sort of just on average even though I like stuff I can get my teeth into and seem to be getting more of that now. I seem to pick things up very easily with this job which is why I feel less stressed than in previous jobs. I know it is going to come to an end one day. Hopefully not for a while yet though.

I have started to think about the Summer holidays now that they are only a week away and what the kids are doing. We are off the first week and going to Southend (just me and him) next weekend and then not sure what we are doing the rest of the week. I am looking for inexpensive places to go that we have never been to. A lot is weather dependent. I am also going to delegate tasks to them to do each day regardless, no excuses for not doing them. I am also going to encourage Ryan to keep a diary of what he does over the holidays which for some reason this year are a week longer than normal.

Watched the Speedway on TV earlier. The Russians beating the Danes and the Swedes was a real turn up for the books and does not really bode well for our chances if we make the play offs on Thursday. If they carry on the way they are I can see the Russians winning the whole event.

I am also starting to enjoy Facebook a bit more now I understand a bit more about it. I now have 6 friends and it feel that it is also helping with my issues over depression and other things. I am not getting involved in some of the games and stuff but do play Bejewelled Blitz sometimes. Not got a very high score compared to the rest of my friends though.

More tomorrow

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