Today has been a good day……….

By redpanda On July 7th, 2009

Well apart from being disturbed early by Tim when he went out. But then I never sleep properly after he goes on anyway. I felt good compared to what I normally do when he goes off to Willersey and it lasted all day……………more or less.

I did a risotto with Spinach in for dinner as Tim got given some at work today. It was very Slimming World friendly and worth it. Just a bit too salty for my taste. I am trying to be more radical in the way I do food. Tomorrow we will have a salad to use up what is in the fridge. Not sure what with yet but it will be good what ever it is.

Its been a good day at work. Yesterday I struggled but today I excelled myself by going above and beyond the call of duty with the work I did. Boss says I could be out a grade ahead if I keep this up for the next few weeks. That would mean being involved in the more complex stuff. I want something to get my teeth into.

Dreamed about going away last night and for some reason we ended up in of all places Hamburg. Now I have only been there once in 1983 and can remember walking round town and knowing where I was going despite the fact I had never been there before. I have had that about a few places we have been to. Colchester and Cambridge being two that spring to mind. But then I have issues with Deja Vu anyway.

Night all

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