Remembering when

By redpanda On July 2nd, 2009

what with it being Jenna’s 18th today, it sort of took me back to when I was 18 nearly 30 years ago. We hired a skittle alley for my party and had meals in baskets and a small bar and about 30 guests. My mother did the sherry on arrival bit and we had a good laugh. One thing I have never forgotten is that we hired a mini bus to take everyone home as we lived in New Milton and everyone else lived in Poole. As Liz (who sadly passed away last year) was the last one to be dropped off, I decided that I would phone her the next day to make sure that everyone got home ok. She made me laugh when she said ‘That half bottle of sherry that your Mum gave to your Gran’ I replied ‘ummmmmmmmm yes?’ Liz carried on with ‘well not only did she finish it off but she started to sing dirty rugby songs as well’. Cue me thinking ‘oh my god what is she going to do next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Nan swore blind she never sang (she never could anyway) and didn’t remember getting home.

I miss my nan still as it has been 17 years since she passed on. She always used to make me smile and also used to get embarrassed going out with me because I was taller than her. It also made me think of the others we have lost since the kids came along. Uncle Ray, Uncle David, Auntie Vera, Jean and Geoff, and of course not forgetting Tim’s Dad. All of them missed in different ways.

The heat is getting ridiculous. I am sat here almost naked because it is so hot. 27 c in the dining room and that is with a fan on and the windows open and the back door open. Need a thunderstorm to clear the air really. Will it happen is anyone’s guess. The intense heat seems to give me a permanent headache and occasional fuzzy vision. I can put up with that though. As long as the headache does not go in behind the eyes I will be fine.

No Kristie tonight, she is staying at Caz’ house as she needs cheering up. Early night I hope.

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