What’s it all about then

By redpanda On July 1st, 2009

Facebook that is. I have signed up after debating it for ages and will be using it to keep in touch with friends and relations more than anything. have had a couple of silly conversations with my best friend and it seems quite good fun. Getting used to it though is another thing.

Its been hotter than hell here. Or so it seems. Its been so hot today that it was cooler inside the building at work than it was outside. That was until the air con started to play up and be silly again and a couple of people nearly passed out. I hope Jenna is ok though. She is 18 tomorrow and was complaining of feeling rough earlier. Sounded a bit like tonsilitis which I hope it is not. She also had a huge bouqet of lilies delivered to her as an early birthday present today and the smell was amazing.

Not much else to tell really. Been to hot to do anything any sense so have not really done much. My hip is still hurting but is not as bad as it was. Kids are ok as is him indoors. Need cold drink to keep going though………………..

Almost forgot this to do with Ryan and school. He came off statement 2 years ago and the procedures that were agreed were not put in place. To be honest I had forgotten about it until we saw Ryan’s consultant in May. However the school have now stated that they cannot understand why nothing was done about the procedures and are in the process of implimenting them. They will now make sure that Ryan has a lap top for year 5 and extra time for tests etc.

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