Learning Curves…………………..

By redpanda On June 29th, 2009

Had to learn something new at work today. How to deal with Executor and Trustee mandates which are a nightmare. Well easy but still a nightmare because half the time something does not match and has to be referred.

Missed weigh in tonight as there was a conflict as to whether or not the meeting was on or not. We were supposed to be contacted but no messages or emails so not happy. Still we will go along to a different group tomorrow night instead and see what is going on. Hopefully have lost a little bit this week.

They have also announced the date for next years British Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff which is going to be on 10 July 2010 and its the tenth anniversary one. I so want to go to it and I am determined to get there somehow. I really enjoyed the one at the weekend and it has made me enthusiastic for more. Watched Eastbourne v Swindon on the TV earlier and it was a very good match. Wish I could afford to go to Poole more often as it was always so good, even when we were losing it was always fun. Trouble is it would cost us about £50.00 a week to go as a family. And at the moment that is money we have not got.

They also announced the GB team for this years World Team Cup. Bring on the youngsters. They have dropped Nicholls and Richardson, the second of which surprised me. I thought he would have been included based on the fact that he is on such good form at the moment. I agree with the choice of Harris, Kennett, Bridger and Woffinden but not sure about King. Oh well time will tell…………………….

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