I feel a rant coming on………………

By redpanda On June 24th, 2009

but I am doing my best to control my mood at the moment due to certain issues that are going on.

I feel so low at the moment. I can’t go into the full detail here but needless to say I am unhappy and feel as if everything is about to collapse around me. All I seem to want to do is sleep and cry to get it out of my system.

We have the big boss from Head Office coming down tomorrow. His visit could well determine the future of our department when it is up for review as to whether we stay where we are or if they move it up country. I hope that they don’t move us because it means I would get to stay there indefinitely. I really like it there still as it is not high pressured and everyone gets on with everyone else.

I have just watched the speedway on TV. Lakeside v Wolverhampton and I must admit that the better team won on the night. Ty Proctor was just brilliant and it was a good solid team performance.

I really can’t think of anything else to write at the moment. If I do I will just end up in tears and I don’t want that………………….

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