Kids and Pools……………

By redpanda On June 21st, 2009

Ok so we had my friend and her daughter over today for a BBQ so we set up the pool for them to play in. Bear in mind it was sunny when it was put up and it clouded over but remained warm and muggy for the rest of the day. So Ryan and Amber after a rather animated conversation about Pokemon decided to go and paddle. Except that they both ended up soaked from head to foot and both were fully dressed at the time. Cue towels to dry off and keep warm. It was well worth it for the look on their faces when they said what had happened. Kids and water……………a recipe for disaster but fun………………..

It was also nice to catch up with them as we have not had them over for a very long time.

The BBQ was nice. I still have a large bowl of salad made up in the fridge and some potatoes so I guess that is tomorrow nights dinner solved. Just got to find something to go with it. We had marinaded turkey, sausages, burgers, pork rashers and pork kebabs. We ate indoors because it had cooled down a lot outside.

Before we went out an incident happened that I wish with all my heart had not. My regret was that I did something I should not have done (talk to someone he does not like but I get on OK with) and then was what you might call economic with the truth to start with. They asked about a picture on my website and I replied saying that I would look into sending it to them (which I will not). I should not have replied as it has now caused a problem. The thing is I am finding it hard not to talk to this person. Apart from a happy birthday text this is the only contact for three weeks and that is the truth. But it is the truth that appears to be the problem.

More thoughts tomorrow……………………

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