What is it that some people don’t understand………..

By redpanda On June 20th, 2009

After work went into Poole to get a couple of essential bits and pieces that we needed. As it was Saturday (also market day) the place was absolutely manic. Did not stay long but a couple of things really got to me.

The first was that the number of people that stand blocking shop doorways when you want to go in. Ummmmmmmm there is enough room in the place without you blocking the doorway up. The other is people who fiddle about with change at the tils. Now whether paying cash or paying by card I always have my purse out ready to pay but a classic example was today in WH Smiths where at being third in the queue the first person took forever to find her purse and then dithered over how to pay for it. The guy in front of us had the right money but the cashier had trouble counting it and then there was me with purse and card at the ready. I hate shopping on Saturdays in town which is why we do the food shop on a Friday night. Less people around and a better choice on what we want.

Finally got my birthday present from Kristie yesterday. The Daniel Merriweather CD Love and War. If its anything like the first two singles he released it will be good. I like music that is a little bit different sometimes. Could account for why I think Jack Johnson is brilliant. got all his CD’s and find them good to listen to at work. I got moaned at for singing along to the Foo Fighters today as well. Did not realise that I was doing it though. I also have a habit of singing along with whatever is on the car radio which is not good because I a) get told off by anyone else in the car and b) if I do it for too long I end up with a sore throat. I used to be able to sing as a teenager but several bouts of severe laryngitis put paid to that.

One week to go till Cardiff and I am getting mega excited. A couple of the lads at work used to live there and kept telling me they wish they had tickets for it. Oh well this time next week we should be on our way out of the stadium. Only downside is that it is about a three and a half hour drive each way.

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