What a mess………………

By redpanda On June 19th, 2009

some of the processing I had to do at work today was quite messy and complicated with all sorts of rules and stuff having to be applied. On the other hand some of it was easy and only need to be uploaded.

Its been a fairly quiet day though. My friend Linda is back from her holiday and has a cold along with jet lag. She went to New York and Niagra Falls whilst she was over there. Honest I am not jealous at all. I would prefer to go to the quieter less touristy places like Seattle or may be even somewhere like Minesota. I like exploring and finding new things to do.

I think our holiday in October will be in Cornwall. There are so many places in this country that I have been to and love and loads to still visit and explore but Cornwall is where I find myself at peace with myself. There is so much to do down there that we still have loads of places to explore. I want to do Lands End and The Lost Gardens of Heligan next time we go. I also want to find some decent places to eat rather than cooking all the time or eating at Maccie D’s. I know the kids will vote for Pizza Hut though.

If not Cornwall I would like to explore the Lake District, a bit more of South Wales where my grandparents came from, of may be the Yorkshire Dales and the North East coast which is one area I have never been to ever. I would also like to go to Scotland as I have never been. The furthest North I have ever been is Sunderland.

I can’t think of anything else to write at the moment so I will stop there for today.

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