They should have called it off……………..

By redpanda On June 17th, 2009

Tonights speedway that is. It did not start raining here til 5.00 when we pulled on to the drive and yet it the track at Poole is a complete disaster. It is on TV which is why I am watching it. Reminds me of a meeting I went to at Reading many years ago when we had an hour delay due to a torrential downpour. Its bad that Daniel Davidsson and Chris Holder both have shoulder injuries. I wonder who else they can pull in as replacements. But what a revelation Joe Screen is. Some people thought that it was a mistake signing him in the winter but he has turned out to be the best thing to have happened to Poole this year.

Woo hoo we drew with a 5 man team. Best we could have hoped for.

Its been a funny sort of day though. The boss was off for the day and left Gwyn in charge and certain people played up. I just get my head down and get on with the job in hand. I batched in excess of 500 corperates today. Took til lunch time but it was well worth it. Meant I could get my head down and do some complex multiples this afternoon.

I am trying to find different things to have at lunch time at work. Chicken noodle salad today but it tasted like cold chicken chow mein. It was nice though. I sometimes have a fruit salad as well or something from the yoghurt bar.

I am trying to think of things to do when I have my week off at the moment. Places to go and that sort of thing. One trip will have to involve trains for Ryan but not sure about anywhere else right now.

And Kristie has been to A & E and has a small crack in her elbow and bruised bones. Someone tried to steal her phone and ipod off her last night in broad day light and pushed her to the ground. They did not get them luckily but she has been complaining of pain since she got in last night and went to A &E at about 5.30 and is on her way home now. I hope she is ok though. Dinner to be done when she gets in. What am I going to do with her? She should have a permanent bed at casualty if you ask me the number of times she has been in the past few years.

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