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By redpanda On June 16th, 2009

So many motorbikes in one place at one time. Again down on Poole Quay but this time they took up most of the car park on the harbourside at Baiter too. I reckon there was in excess of 2000 bikes of all types, size and age down there tonight. It was hot and sunny and the pubs and food places were doing a roaring trade. You can get special meal deals in some of the eateries. Took some pictures and will post one (and a mini one) later in the week.

I am getting to grips with my new phone. I have sussed out most of the functions now. The only thing is I am still carrying the old one around with me on silent for a few days and the other half moaned because I did not answer the phone earlier. He only dialed the old one and not the new one so naturally I didn’t answer it. The good thing to is that this one does not used predictive text which gets on my nerves a bit. Touch screen phones are weird. very sensitive and I worry that I may hit the wrong button sometimes. The only thing I dislike about it is the side screen widgets seem to open at will if you leave the side bar open.

Caught the bus to work today and saw one of the girls that I used to work with. She asked how I was getting on. Said that I was happier and a lot less stressed than I was when I worked there. Its strange though after two years of working for them, I have only seen two people that I worked with and barely spoke to them. To be honest I have nothing to say to anyone there at all. I still hate the way I was treated but have realised I am better off now than when I was there. Best to leave all of it in the past.

Might be going out on an 18th birthday bash in a couple of weeks. Jenna at work is 18 on 02 July so she is having a few drinks on the night and then we are having a team night out a few weeks later. Should be fun. Its years since I went out on an 18th bash apart from taking Kristie out for hers last October.

More random mutterings tomorrow……………….

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