The pool does not leak…………

By redpanda On May 31st, 2009

As mentioned we got given a pool last year by next door so we decided to clean it and put it up for Ryan today. No leaks took ages to fill, and ages to empty. But Ryan had fun. Tim also managed to cause a tidal wave when he decided to jump in it. The problem we have though is finding somewhere to put it that is level as the back garden slopes away quite steeply. Top end by the back door is about the only place it will go unless we take the gazebo down which I don’t want to as it is a good place to sit when its hot.

I also got moaned at for snoring in the back garden today. I did not realise that fallen asleep. But then they all started burping loudly after dinner and it was like living on a pig farm. The only pets that we have are a tank full of fish. Saying that we are looking after next doors parrot when they go on holiday in July. I am not sure about looking after it for 2 weeks but it will be an experience.

Now for once this weekend we did not really do a lot. Usually we end up going out somewhere or the other taking photos or walking or something. It was actually nice not having to do a lot other than go to the shops for a few extra salad bits instead of rushing around like a lunatic.

It really feels like summer is here now. I hope it stays this way for a while. Well up to and including my birthday would be nice. With the wind in a good direction next weekend and a BBQ it will be great. Wishful thinking on my part maybe……………….

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