Now that was hot…………….

By redpanda On May 30th, 2009

and I don’t just mean the weather. Because of the blazing hot day we had (naff winds included so no flying) we had a BBQ this evening. A word of advice though. Take a gallon of water out with you if you ever use a Budwiser Hot Wing Marinade on chicken. Basically it does what it says on the bottle. Hot and spicy is not the word for it. It was nice though. I also have a thing about Sainsburys Pesto Pasta salad from the salad bar. It is lush. really nice and not heavy like some pasta salads. Ryan prefers cheesy pasta salad, Krisite loves tomato and herb and Tim will eat anything that is put infront of him re pasta salad. If the weather holds which it should do we are having another one tomorrow.

Been outside most of the afternoon because of the weather. Did some work in the garden, and had the music on speakers out there. I am sure that the neighbours loved Green Day, Appo remixes, Jack Johnson and Santana. Well I know Kate next door liked our taste in music cos she said so. Ryan spent most of the afternoon in their pool. I must set up the one that they gave us last year so we can have the girls over.

Anyway our tickets for Cardiff came today, I am so glad that they have arrived cos I did wonder how long they would take. I watched the end of the speedway GP from Ullevi in Gothenburg earlier. Did forget it was on though. I hope that the track at Cardiff does not get carved up like this one did as it caused all sorts of problems. Ruts that sent you spiraling out of control and that is just for starters. I was pleased that Sayfutdinov won it though. My only concern is that if he carries on like this he could end up doing a Lewis Hamilton and win the title in his first full season and then fall by the wayside dramatically. I am so looking forward to Cardiff though. Not been to the Millenium Stadium before and its been a long time since I went to Cardiff.

Its a bit like going back to my roots in a sense as my Grandparents came from South Wales. One from Cardiff and the other from Haverfordwest. We visited Haverfordwest when we went on holiday to Tenby about 7 years ago. Told my Dad we had been there and he said that we must have walked over the bridge where they met. I wish we could have more than a day trip down there. A weekend would be nice but not possible right now. My Dad was the first person in his family to be born outside of Wales.

More waffle tomorrow.

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