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By redpanda On May 29th, 2009

Always put sun cream on when its sunny and hot. Tim took Ryan out today while I was at work and forgot to put cream on him and he now has a very red neck and face. I have rubbed masses of Vitamin E cream into him and he seems ok now but I will keep an eye on him for a couple of days. It has been so hot today and guess what? the air conditioning in our part of the building failed and we had fans on everywhere.

It is also month end so pay day which meant take away for dinner which was nice. Chinese from the one over the shops by here again. It was also food shop night so we bought a load of BBQ stuff for the weekend and salad too as we all like it. I would be happy to cook like that every weekend cos I don’t have to do it.

Doing overtime in the morning as we had so much post in today that it all needs to be cleared so I have agreed that I will do 9 til 1. Or there abouts. I was doing multi account processing today which is the more complicated stuff. Well sort of because there are a lot more things that you cannot do with them. Still enjoying it and still liking the salad bar for lunches. I do get tempted by the other stuff they have there sometimes but not often.

Ok now I am going to attempt to attach a picture. If this works it will be a miracle. Woo hoo just previewed it and it did. It is one I took of Ryan on a recent trip to Lepe Beach which is in the New Forest but close to Southampton Water. Its nice as there is a play area, the beach and country walks all in the same place. We are so lucky living where we do as we are close to the beach and the forest. I know I could never live in a city.

Off to see if anyone had done a half decent picture of me to put in my profile.

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