Funny sort of day…………………

By redpanda On May 28th, 2009

Where as yesterday was good today has not been so good.

I went to work which was one of those if it could go wrong it did days. I went for the interview that I got a recall on and got told that they had no idea that I had been out there before. I wanted takeaway for tea and got told no and then it was decided that we should renew our kiting insurance before we forget and try and go to the Ho! again.

The interview went ok and was completely different to the original one. It felt more comfortable being there and I was made to feel at ease. I find out tomorrow if I have got it. In some ways I hope that I do and in others not.

I was just scooting around some speedway websites and found a rather interesting forum Some very good topics not just about the sport in general but things in the past, and all sorts. Not registered yet though. Something to do at the weekend. I really want to go down to Poole one night soon and see a meeting, before Cardiff if I can but the costs are quite high now. Makes me laugh when I used to get in for kids rate til I was 21. One of the topics was about tracks that you wish you had visited that are no longer there. Some of them like Belle Vue (Hyde Road), Cradley and Halifax I have been to. Ones that I wish I had been to when I used to go all the time in the early 80′s were Hull (The Boulevard), Exeter, Leicester and Hackney. I still miss going every week. I remember going to Ipswich once and getting home at 4 in the morning just as my Dad was going to work.

Those were the days………………….

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