Banana and Custard Smooth yoghurt

By redpanda On May 26th, 2009

tastes like chocolate according to him indoors. I leaned over to put his cup of tea down to be asked what chocolate I had been eating. Ummmmm no I have been to weigh in tonight and there is no way I would have eaten chocolate even though I am another 3 lb down. That is since April last year the grand total of 2 stone 3 and a half pound. I seem to have stuck around this weight for ages and what I am trying to do is be even more strict with myself. I think I need to be especially with my birthday and the trip to Cardiff coming up. More fruit and more yoghurt.

Been to work today. Have also been asked to two interviews this week one for a job I went for before and the other is a telephone one which I have also spoken to before but I am not really sure about either of them to be honest. I am happy with the non pressurised environment that I work in at the moment and the fact it is weekly paid is better for us at the moment because then Tim’s money sits in the bank and pays the bills where as mine pays for the shopping and other bits.

The raging headache has now finally disappeared. Its only taken 3 and a half days to go. I feel so much better but it is so hot and sticky I can feel that it may come back again. I hate being ill. At least now the depression is under control I feel happier and more in control of what I do.

Been thinking too. About what I really want to do with my life. I need to do that OU course when I have the money. I want to prove to myself that I can do it, along with a few other things like continue the weight loss, get fit, get rid of the depression and stop relying on anti depressants to get me through life and most of all I want to be in total control of everything that I do. Not just for the family but for me as well. I know I am getting better and that it will take time. I have stopped drinking alcohol totally and have no interest in it at all. Except the odd craving for a glass of wine, but that soon passes.

Oh and why is it when they say call me when you finish work I go to and then get moaned at for not calling at dead on half 4. I finished 15 minutes late because I wanted to finish processing what I was doing as I only had 4 left and phoned as soon as I could. I was not being picked up and was doing a bit of shopping after and had a call from one of the interviewers which I returned first. I then called and got moaned at for not texting to say I was going to be later. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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