I am so unfit……………

By redpanda On May 25th, 2009

Went over as far as Swanage today with him indoors. Kristie and Ryan had gone to Weymouth. It was a gloriously sunny and hot day with virtually no wind so kite flying was out of the equation. We walked through town stopping to look in Rainbow’s End (my favorite shop ever) and nearly bought another long skirt in there.I have a nice dark turquoise one that I got from there just over a year ago which I love and wanted a similar style in another colour. They had a nice dusky pink one but it made me look fat. Well fatter than I am.

Anyway we decided to walk up through the park by the pier and up on to the cliff top.Its not that far but quite a steep uphill climb to get to the point at Dancing Ledge. We did it but had to stop 3 times on the way up because it was a) exhausting and b) practically killed my knees. It was worth it for the view alone when we got there though. Could see for miles around. Coming down was ok as it was downhill the whole way. It was good exercise though.

It was nice to be out in the sunshine again and I managed another couple of hours in the garden again today. I am not a great one for sun bathing. I prefer to be doing something but again him indoors insisted on it and that it would do my eczema good. He is right and it is itching a lot less in some places. I still have the headache but it is nothing like as bad as yesterday.

Back to work tomorrow. Tim is off. Kristie is at college and Ryan is going to a car boot sale with my parents. It means that no one really know what the others are doing or where they should be and the calendar has not got the right info on it. Well it has but as Kristie forgets to update it its a bit of a nightmare.

Its late so I am off to bed. After my cup of tea that is………………………

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