Trains, Planes and Raging Headaches…………….

By redpanda On May 24th, 2009

Today we took Ryan to the Eastleigh 100 train depot open day. Got there nice and early before opening time and considering it was mainly for the men of the family I quite enjoyed it. I took Ryan on a steam driven brake van ride which he loved even though it was a very short journey. There were plenty of steam and diesel trains to look at and some electric ones as well. There were also loads of stalls selling all sorts of model railway kits and other things like train books and DVD’s even one that sold all sorts of different types of tickets. There were also food and drink stands but we took our own food and just bought an ice cream which was nice.

Eastleigh Rail Depot is actually more or less next door to Southampton Airport. So we had loads of air craft flying over as well which was quite interesting. They come in a lot lower than they do over our house which is under the flight path for Bournemouth Airport. Mind you we get treated to the odd Red Arrows demo when they are flying in the South as they tend to use Bournemouth as its base.

Had the most god awful headache for the past day or so. Not even sure what started it except that no matter what I try it won’t go away. I can’t take Nurofen because of the anti depressants and the paracetamol is not even touching it. We came home from Eastleigh a bit earlier than we planned to because of it (and Tim’s knee) and I spent most of the rest of the afternoon asleep in the gazebo with my bikini and sarong on although I did go topless at one point. Still got it now and all I want to do is sleep. I have never had a headache this bad in my life. I am worried that if it gets in behind my eyes that I will end up in bed for a day or two.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow as it is all weather dependent. Its clouded over outside now and its a lot cooler. Hope the headache has gone by then…….

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