Early bird catches the bargains

By redpanda On May 23rd, 2009

Well that was the plan and for once the day went reasonably to plan. Getting up at 7.30 on a Saturday is not my idea of fun. But it worked. Had the weeks shop done and back indoors by 10.30. Why we did it Saturday instead of Friday was because of Kristie getting an extra 10% on her discount card over the weekend because of Sainsburys 140th anniversary. Saved us a bit of money as usual. Is it me or is the food better quality in Sainsburys than ASDA and Tesco? We used to shop at both at different times and the fresh food in them seems not to last as long. I tend to get nearly everything from one place and just pick up odds and ends when necessary at other shops.

Did the garden today. Hurt my knee mowing the lawn. Not a good sign especially as we are walking around all day tomorrow. I hope Ryan likes his day out. He has been out today with Kristie and spent his birthday money. He got loads for his money including two Pokemon DVD’s and a Nintendog Husky. That boy loves dogs. He would have a real one if he could I’m sure.

Had a BBQ this evening which was nice and served up with loads of salad. I currently have a gammon joint in the slo cooker for tomorrow when we get back from our outing which we will have with salad and new potatoes. Definitely yummy. I am trying to menu plan again now I am working. Got Sweet potato and spinach curry one night this week. Sounds odd but looks nice. I have loads of things to try out on the family this month. Including home made ice cream, chicken and seafood paella, sticky chicken and a whole load more. I like trying new ideas but I am not the worlds greatest cook so I just try and if they work then we do them again.

I think this will be a short one as I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard…………night all

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