The end of the week as we know it………..

By redpanda On May 22nd, 2009

Well I got told today that my long term contract runs until April next year and could go beyond that if they do not move our department. If it does we may well get offered permanent contracts. I am enjoying it even though some of the work is repetitive, it is not as pressured as working in a claims environment. We still have targets to reach and the like but it is a nice team to work in and everyone gets on with everyone else. My end of week one review was good so I am happy.

All in all its been a quite eventful week what with Speedway and the new job and Ryan’s birthday. The Bank Holiday weekend is going to be very busy. Him indoors is on about the garden and getting the gazebo up. Also should have a BBQ as the weekend weather is supposed to be good apart from Monday.

Its half term next week so Tim is on holiday with Ryan and I have to work while Kristie has to work and go to college. I’ll have some time off in the summer holidays though when we can go out for days. Not sure what they are doing but I dare say they will go kite flying at some point even though the fair is down at Baiter. I am looking forward to hearing what Ryan has done with his Dad. I might get him to write a diary.

I am sat here waiting for Kristie to come in from work. What time that will be is anybody’s guess as she is supposed to finish at 10.30 but never gets in til a lot later. Still it keeps her out of trouble and earns her good money for what she does.

Oh well I shall update with the Bank Holiday fun tomorrow night. Now I need a cup of tea……………..

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