Strange sort of day…………….

By redpanda On June 15th, 2009

I did stuff at work that I don’t normally do which was tedious and not as good as my favorite part of the job. It has to be done sometimes I know but there are times like today when my eyes started to hurt that the normal stuff would have been so much better. But you have to take the rough with the smooth and today was definitely a rough one. It was also hot in the office. Because we are a secured area we are not allowed to have doors and windows open and as the air conditioning does not work it gets far too hot. I was told at one point when it got really hot last year there were 5 people fainted from the heat on the same day. Hope that does not happen to me.

I went to get weighed tonight. Put on 2 lb but I know why. The Indian meal and the BBQ on Saturday although saying that I did not eat a great deal at the BBQ. I am going to look into more ideas for the BBQ and salads without too much heavy dressing on them. Also low syn (SW points) salad dressings. I love pasta salads but why do the dressings have to be so fattening. Coleslaw deli style is not too bad but I really must learn to make my own salad accompaniments.

Not much else has happened today. Got an early wake up call tomorrow as Tim is off to Worcestershire so hopefully an early night.