Ok so that did not turn out as planned…………….

By redpanda On June 14th, 2009

Decided to have a lazy day today. Well that was the idea anyway except I ended up getting a new phone on a different network. We had to go and do a little bit of shopping and ended up in the 3 shop a few doors away from the supermarket. Only went in to have a look and ended up with a Samsung Tocco on a far better contract and signal than we have on Orange. For the past 7 years I have either had to go out in the garden or hang out of the bedroom window to get a signal. Only downside is that I have a different number now. So that means letting everyone know about it which when it is fully up and running I will send out an email. I can do email and internet in unlimited amounts on it as well as texts and 200 minutes cross network. Oh well it will keep me quiet for a while whilst I work out how to use it.

The BBQ I had planned the went out of the window when we realised that we had not put the racks from the BBQ in to the dishwasher for cleaning until 5.00. By the time they were done it would have been to late to cook outside so I cooked it all inside for a change and I am now so full up that I think I could not eat another thing til tomorrow lunchtime.

Wind has not been any good to take the kites out again. Another weekend gone by and nothing. Its Southampton Kite Festival next weekend and for the first time in years we cannot go. I have to work on the Saturday morning and the rest of the day has other stuff in store and then on the Sunday Carole and Amber are coming over for a BBQ, which will be fun.

Oh well back to work tomorrow and at least I know where I stand financially as working Saturday mornings brings me up to what I was earning before.