BBQ’s, Build-A-Bear and Birthdays…………….

By redpanda On June 13th, 2009

Well today has been quite chaotic all in all. I managed to go to work for 4 hours, take Ryan out, visit my Mum and go to near Romsey for a BBQ in the past 14 hours.

To start at the beginning. I work Saturday mornings because it more or less brings me up to the money I was on before. So I did 9 til 1 as normal. Then Tim dropped Ryan off to me as I promised him some ‘Mum and me’ time today. We went to Build-a-Bear in the town centre. How crazy is that shop. Ryan chose a dog to make and had a barking squeaker put in it. (I drew the line at a beating heart) the process is really quite intriguing. The way they stuff the bears and sew up the backs and they get you to put a heart in and make a wish. Then you can ‘fluff up’ your bear and brush it and then on top of that there are loads of outfits to choose from. anything from football kits to fancy dress to surf dude costumes. Oh and the accessories you can get like shoes, sunglasses and roller skates not to mention surfboards. Not bad for a tenner for the dog. He is going to be accessorised later. My sister also went there earlier in the day. But then she is a bear fanatic and bought the surf dude outfit and surf board for her Koala and bought a new bear too.

Then we had to get my Mum a birthday present. Now what the heck do you get for the woman who collects anything and everything. The kids got her a Grandma Mug and a Me to You bear in the shape of a fairy cake. We got her a book about Poole Park. Mainly because she spent a lot of time there as a child and there were loads of old and up to date pictures in it. Very different and she likes things like that. Thinking about it she never told me what Dad bought for her which she normally does.

Then Dad brought us home and we got ready to go to the Marquis BBQ. There have been a lot of people changes but still a few familiar faces and got to know a few new people. One person said the last time they saw me Ryan was really tiny so that must be 9 years ago being the last time I went. Someone also said that they remember me from a Christmas do at Autosleepers a few years ago, but I cannot remember them at all. Then I realised that I did remember but must have had a Gin and Tonic head on at the time. Food was nice and drank masses of diet coke even though Kris tried to persuade me to have a beer or wine. He is a star is Kris, he did my character reference for this job that I have now. He is a genuine all round nice person.

Think I deserve a lie in tomorrow after a really busy day……………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!