Mini’s???????????? What Mini’s

By redpanda On June 12th, 2009

Picture will follow when they are downloaded but we went down to Poole Quay earlier for the Quay to my Car night. Basically what happens is that every Friday they choose a type of vehicle such as in this weeks case the Mini in all its forms and dedicate the evening to it. It was great seeing the really old ones right through to the BMW versions and including pick up’s, Mokes, Marcos’ and also some really odd ones like shortened (think cut and shut) and really souped up ones. It was quite fascinating. They close the whole of the Quay off from the High Street by Corkers restaurant right down to the roundabout just past the Quay hotel. They do the same on a Tuesday for the motorbikes and also they have a sort of party night on a Thursday in the summer for firework displays and other activities.

I have also been told that I am going out again tomorrow night. Twice in one week is unheard of you know. This is to the BBQ that him indoors works is having at their open weekend at Paultons Park. Not in the park its self but next to it. Tim used to end up working the weekend there til he took over the IT but he went to set up the laptops up there today and they invited us along. Not seen a lot of the Marquis crew for ages as they have not had a chirstmas do for a few years and a lot of people have moved on as well so it will all be very different.

I am feeling bloated again due to a late tea. After the Quay we went food shopping and ended up getting a half price hot chicken which although nice has left me feeling very full indeed. I shall not eat much during the day tomorrow as I am at work in the morning anyway and then out to Build a Bear and getting my mother a birthday present and card. What do I buy for her though? I have no ideas so going to take pot luck and hope we find something. When you get to her age they have everything they want and its difficult to know what to do.

Waiting for Kristie to come in and then I can go to bed…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz