Indian meal and a nice surprise

By redpanda On June 11th, 2009

I have just come in from the most amazing Indian meal which him indoors took me out for tonight. It was absolutely amazing and I am so bloated that I feel like I am going to explode. I had a nice starter with egg and minced lamb in a coconut and tomato sauce, Chicken Sally which has straw potato and onion, tomato and a rich spicy sauce followed by a hazelnut ice cream. Not surprised I feel bloated. But it is well worth it. Back on the diet in the morning and as for lunch you might as well write that off.

Had a card off Jenna at work which was a nice surprise but an even bigger one was that the boss called me over and gave me a card signed by the whole team. I had only told Jenna it was my birthday but as I took some cakes in everyone found out. I was also told that I am doing well with the job and only have a handful of minor errors to my name which is not bad for 4 weeks in. And I am doing overtime on Saturday again. Might as well while the work is there.

I have sussed out that my mother has bought me a snack maker which can make all sorts of things but its going to take some getting used to using it. I also got a diet cook book (not SW related) and a set of Maeve Binchey books as well as the tickets for Cardiff. Is it me or do people think less of you when you get older. I wish I knew. As for being 47? Age is just a number my friends and some mornings when I wake up I feel about 104. I also had some lovely homemade cards from the family.

Not a lot else has happened today so I think I will leave it there……………….