I was sat at work thinking…………

By redpanda On June 10th, 2009

What would I do if life was different. I mean if I had not married him indoors and had the kids. What would I have done? I suppose the one big thing would have been to travel all over the world. I wanted to work in travel when I left school. I even did a diploma in travel and tourism, but when I went into the real world of it, it was very different. Much harder than the course had lead us to believe. Places I would like to visit are New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Scandinavia, go on safari in Africa somewhere and all over Europe. Not keen on the idea of Russia, could tolerate the USA and would like to see some of the lesser known places.

Work was different today in a sense, I actually got masses done in a very short time. It was all going too well when I had a major problem which took me half an hour to sort out but with a bit of help I succeeded. They are a lovely team that I work with. They like to have a laugh and a joke but they all work hard as well. We are all going out one night soon when Jenna is 18 so that should be a good laugh. I have to take in cakes tomorrow as it is my birthday but not many people there know that. I also had to leave a note on my monitor today to ask the person on the evening crew that uses it not to adjust my scanner settings as they are set to the way my eyesight works. The daft person also managed to lock me out of one of my log ons so I had to use the spare one today.

Am I looking forward to being 47? Or as him indoors puts in 21 with 26 years experience. I don’t know but life can only get better with age. For example I was 28 when Kristie was born and three weeks short of 38 when Ryan was born and I felt so much fitter at 38 than at 28. I wonder why that is. Even now having restarted Wii Fit last night I feel fitter than I ever have done. I want to start swimming again but have to wait for my eczema to clear up again before I can. I might even start cycling if I can use Kristie’s bike. I just want to get completely fit.

Will tomorrow is the big day so lets see what it brings………………..