Its the day when……………….

By redpanda On June 6th, 2009

you wish that you had stayed in bed I think. I went to work which was ok and ended up learning something new again. Did goodness knows how many referrals as some information on the system was incorrect or not there at all. Now that is annoying.

I feel as if I have been hit by a ten ton truck at the moment. I ache, my eczema is bad in places, and where I should not be getting problems with time of the month the stomach cramps are now becoming a nightmare again. I will mention this to the doctor next time I go I think as much as the surgery I had 2 years ago helped it is not as affective as it first was. Because of the anti depressants I can only take paracetamol for any pain or discomfort I am in as Nurofen reacts with them.

I spoke to my friend Carole again today and apologised for my meltdown chat with her on Tuesday. She said we all slip up now and again and to just get on and think about the future. Which is what I am doing now. She has known me for nearly 40 years and is like a sister to me. We talk about Speedway, which is our real first love and all sorts of other things. They (her and her daughter) were going to come over for a BBQ tonight but the weather is not so good so we have rearranged it for 2 weeks time.

I also found my phone or rather the kids did. It had managed to get into a box up the hall which is why I could not find it. End result is that the hall has never looked tidier. Next job finish stripping the walls in our room so that we can get that painted.

I had a dream last night, that I could see the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold. Oh for a win on the lottery……………………..