Learning Curves…………………..

By redpanda On June 29th, 2009

Had to learn something new at work today. How to deal with Executor and Trustee mandates which are a nightmare. Well easy but still a nightmare because half the time something does not match and has to be referred.

Missed weigh in tonight as there was a conflict as to whether or not the meeting was on or not. We were supposed to be contacted but no messages or emails so not happy. Still we will go along to a different group tomorrow night instead and see what is going on. Hopefully have lost a little bit this week.

They have also announced the date for next years British Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff which is going to be on 10 July 2010 and its the tenth anniversary one. I so want to go to it and I am determined to get there somehow. I really enjoyed the one at the weekend and it has made me enthusiastic for more. Watched Eastbourne v Swindon on the TV earlier and it was a very good match. Wish I could afford to go to Poole more often as it was always so good, even when we were losing it was always fun. Trouble is it would cost us about £50.00 a week to go as a family. And at the moment that is money we have not got.

They also announced the GB team for this years World Team Cup. Bring on the youngsters. They have dropped Nicholls and Richardson, the second of which surprised me. I thought he would have been included based on the fact that he is on such good form at the moment. I agree with the choice of Harris, Kennett, Bridger and Woffinden but not sure about King. Oh well time will tell…………………….

Cardiff and other odds and ends

By redpanda On June 28th, 2009

Well mostly Cardiff if the truth be known cos very little else has happened…………..

Had a really nice day out, was a good meeting but the sound system was crap and the pre meeting entertainment could have been better. The racing its self was good………..not a great deal of over taking but what there was turned out exciting. I think that all 4 of the finalists deserved to be there and that Jason Crump was a worthy winner. However I have just read that the result will not be made official until an inquiry into the behaviour of Sayfutdinov and Nicholls has been resolved. Not that it will make a lot of difference to the final result as nether made the top 8. Saying that I have never liked Nicholls anyway, too much of what my Dad would call a ‘big I am’ or in other words likes things his way or no way.

Disappointed that Chris Harris got excluded but these things happen. Did not buy food, drink or souvenirs up there at all because of the costs but at £8.00 the programme was worth the money for the information and photo’s alone. We also had a very good view from where we were which was high up on the back straight, opposite the start line. It was so flipping hot it was harder to know which was worse, being inside the stadium or outside and they only opened the roof for a short time. We left home at 7.30 and got there at 10 but by the time we found somewhere to park it was 10.30 so we had 4 and a half hours to kill. The stadium was about a 10 minute walk from the car park and was dead opposite the Cardiff Central train station.

The only other thing that has really happened was I saw my friend Carole’s sister and neice and some of her kids today for the first time in a very long time. We popped over because Tim had to sort out a PC problem for her and Her sister was staying with her and as Mel only lives down the road she popped up as well. I have not seen Mel since Nan died and that was when Kristie was 18 months. Her second Matthew is the same age as Kristie and is also very musical. As for little Emily she is just so sweet. Its nice to catch up with people now and again. I am going to set up a facebook account to keep in touch with everyone. But with private settings only.

Oh and I have hurt my hip. Doing of all things getting out of the car when we got back from Carole’s and I am now in agony. Pain killers are not helping at all.

I feel a rant coming on………………

By redpanda On June 24th, 2009

but I am doing my best to control my mood at the moment due to certain issues that are going on.

I feel so low at the moment. I can’t go into the full detail here but needless to say I am unhappy and feel as if everything is about to collapse around me. All I seem to want to do is sleep and cry to get it out of my system.

We have the big boss from Head Office coming down tomorrow. His visit could well determine the future of our department when it is up for review as to whether we stay where we are or if they move it up country. I hope that they don’t move us because it means I would get to stay there indefinitely. I really like it there still as it is not high pressured and everyone gets on with everyone else.

I have just watched the speedway on TV. Lakeside v Wolverhampton and I must admit that the better team won on the night. Ty Proctor was just brilliant and it was a good solid team performance.

I really can’t think of anything else to write at the moment. If I do I will just end up in tears and I don’t want that………………….

And now for some good news

By redpanda On June 22nd, 2009

Went to weigh in tonight and I have lost a pound and a half this week. I am happy with that as I want to do this steadily. I also have a new book of Summer recipes to go through which looks good. Got a couple of ideas from it already. I like the look of the chicken Kievs and Ryan keeps pestering me to make a diet friendly desert so we can all have some. There is a strawberry ice recipe that looks easy. I like trying out new ideas however they do not always come out the way I hope they would.

Work is the same as always. Got loads done today though. Including several referrals that were passed back to me. Trouble is I referred them over two weeks ago and heard nothing.

Cardiff is only 5 days away and I am really looking forward to it. I am getting quite excited about going because it is so long since we went to a speedway meeting. I might even try and get down to Poole a few times to see either of the teams when we can afford it.

Ryan starts an after school club tomorrow. doing waveboarding at the secondary school over the road. It should help with his co-ordination and was one of only 15 kids chosen to do it. I am very proud of Ryan and the way he has come on over the past 3 years. He is a very intelligent child who can learn and remember things very quickly. The only thing he falls back on is his writing and spelling but that is all part of the dyspraxia.

Waiting for Kristie to come in so I can go to bed………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kids and Pools……………

By redpanda On June 21st, 2009

Ok so we had my friend and her daughter over today for a BBQ so we set up the pool for them to play in. Bear in mind it was sunny when it was put up and it clouded over but remained warm and muggy for the rest of the day. So Ryan and Amber after a rather animated conversation about Pokemon decided to go and paddle. Except that they both ended up soaked from head to foot and both were fully dressed at the time. Cue towels to dry off and keep warm. It was well worth it for the look on their faces when they said what had happened. Kids and water……………a recipe for disaster but fun………………..

It was also nice to catch up with them as we have not had them over for a very long time.

The BBQ was nice. I still have a large bowl of salad made up in the fridge and some potatoes so I guess that is tomorrow nights dinner solved. Just got to find something to go with it. We had marinaded turkey, sausages, burgers, pork rashers and pork kebabs. We ate indoors because it had cooled down a lot outside.

Before we went out an incident happened that I wish with all my heart had not. My regret was that I did something I should not have done (talk to someone he does not like but I get on OK with) and then was what you might call economic with the truth to start with. They asked about a picture on my website and I replied saying that I would look into sending it to them (which I will not). I should not have replied as it has now caused a problem. The thing is I am finding it hard not to talk to this person. Apart from a happy birthday text this is the only contact for three weeks and that is the truth. But it is the truth that appears to be the problem.

More thoughts tomorrow……………………

What is it that some people don’t understand………..

By redpanda On June 20th, 2009

After work went into Poole to get a couple of essential bits and pieces that we needed. As it was Saturday (also market day) the place was absolutely manic. Did not stay long but a couple of things really got to me.

The first was that the number of people that stand blocking shop doorways when you want to go in. Ummmmmmmm there is enough room in the place without you blocking the doorway up. The other is people who fiddle about with change at the tils. Now whether paying cash or paying by card I always have my purse out ready to pay but a classic example was today in WH Smiths where at being third in the queue the first person took forever to find her purse and then dithered over how to pay for it. The guy in front of us had the right money but the cashier had trouble counting it and then there was me with purse and card at the ready. I hate shopping on Saturdays in town which is why we do the food shop on a Friday night. Less people around and a better choice on what we want.

Finally got my birthday present from Kristie yesterday. The Daniel Merriweather CD Love and War. If its anything like the first two singles he released it will be good. I like music that is a little bit different sometimes. Could account for why I think Jack Johnson is brilliant. got all his CD’s and find them good to listen to at work. I got moaned at for singing along to the Foo Fighters today as well. Did not realise that I was doing it though. I also have a habit of singing along with whatever is on the car radio which is not good because I a) get told off by anyone else in the car and b) if I do it for too long I end up with a sore throat. I used to be able to sing as a teenager but several bouts of severe laryngitis put paid to that.

One week to go till Cardiff and I am getting mega excited. A couple of the lads at work used to live there and kept telling me they wish they had tickets for it. Oh well this time next week we should be on our way out of the stadium. Only downside is that it is about a three and a half hour drive each way.

What a mess………………

By redpanda On June 19th, 2009

some of the processing I had to do at work today was quite messy and complicated with all sorts of rules and stuff having to be applied. On the other hand some of it was easy and only need to be uploaded.

Its been a fairly quiet day though. My friend Linda is back from her holiday and has a cold along with jet lag. She went to New York and Niagra Falls whilst she was over there. Honest I am not jealous at all. I would prefer to go to the quieter less touristy places like Seattle or may be even somewhere like Minesota. I like exploring and finding new things to do.

I think our holiday in October will be in Cornwall. There are so many places in this country that I have been to and love and loads to still visit and explore but Cornwall is where I find myself at peace with myself. There is so much to do down there that we still have loads of places to explore. I want to do Lands End and The Lost Gardens of Heligan next time we go. I also want to find some decent places to eat rather than cooking all the time or eating at Maccie D’s. I know the kids will vote for Pizza Hut though.

If not Cornwall I would like to explore the Lake District, a bit more of South Wales where my grandparents came from, of may be the Yorkshire Dales and the North East coast which is one area I have never been to ever. I would also like to go to Scotland as I have never been. The furthest North I have ever been is Sunderland.

I can’t think of anything else to write at the moment so I will stop there for today.

Sore eyes and a girl with no fears……………..

By redpanda On June 18th, 2009

For some reason today my eyes have been very sore………….not sure if its from looking at a monitor for too long or over tired but I kept on having to flush them with cold water and some of the time shut my eyes for a few moments so that I could rest them and see properly again. Its been driving me mad.

Kristie seems to be ok after Tuesday nights incident and being told she has a cracked elbow. She has been carrying on as normal by going to college and popping into work and various other things. She has gone to a works BBQ tonight. She didn’t know anything about it until about half an hour before she went out. She gets on well with the people at work. Three of them are going to Alton Towers for a few days in a few weeks time.

I had a bit of a wobble earlier. I know why but won’t go into detail yet but lets just say that a Gin and Tonic would go down rather well right now. There are little things that trigger me off sometimes. Just something simple like an unexpected phone call or even talking to Tim can do it. Other times it could be an argument with someone or seeing something on the TV that does it. All I want is to be normal whatever that is. I need to stop feeling insecure about myself and be up front about things. The thing is I find it hard to talk to anyone, especially those close to me some of the time. Think I must learn to be more assertive in what I do and how I do it.

I am looking forward to the weekend with the BBQ Sunday not sure what we are doing on Saturday but I am planning to work from 9-1. I think I need to do the odds and ends shopping and then may be come home and sort out the garden. Oh for an automatic lawn mower………………

They should have called it off……………..

By redpanda On June 17th, 2009

Tonights speedway that is. It did not start raining here til 5.00 when we pulled on to the drive and yet it the track at Poole is a complete disaster. It is on TV which is why I am watching it. Reminds me of a meeting I went to at Reading many years ago when we had an hour delay due to a torrential downpour. Its bad that Daniel Davidsson and Chris Holder both have shoulder injuries. I wonder who else they can pull in as replacements. But what a revelation Joe Screen is. Some people thought that it was a mistake signing him in the winter but he has turned out to be the best thing to have happened to Poole this year.

Woo hoo we drew with a 5 man team. Best we could have hoped for.

Its been a funny sort of day though. The boss was off for the day and left Gwyn in charge and certain people played up. I just get my head down and get on with the job in hand. I batched in excess of 500 corperates today. Took til lunch time but it was well worth it. Meant I could get my head down and do some complex multiples this afternoon.

I am trying to find different things to have at lunch time at work. Chicken noodle salad today but it tasted like cold chicken chow mein. It was nice though. I sometimes have a fruit salad as well or something from the yoghurt bar.

I am trying to think of things to do when I have my week off at the moment. Places to go and that sort of thing. One trip will have to involve trains for Ryan but not sure about anywhere else right now.

And Kristie has been to A & E and has a small crack in her elbow and bruised bones. Someone tried to steal her phone and ipod off her last night in broad day light and pushed her to the ground. They did not get them luckily but she has been complaining of pain since she got in last night and went to A &E at about 5.30 and is on her way home now. I hope she is ok though. Dinner to be done when she gets in. What am I going to do with her? She should have a permanent bed at casualty if you ask me the number of times she has been in the past few years.

I have never seen………………

By redpanda On June 16th, 2009

So many motorbikes in one place at one time. Again down on Poole Quay but this time they took up most of the car park on the harbourside at Baiter too. I reckon there was in excess of 2000 bikes of all types, size and age down there tonight. It was hot and sunny and the pubs and food places were doing a roaring trade. You can get special meal deals in some of the eateries. Took some pictures and will post one (and a mini one) later in the week.

I am getting to grips with my new phone. I have sussed out most of the functions now. The only thing is I am still carrying the old one around with me on silent for a few days and the other half moaned because I did not answer the phone earlier. He only dialed the old one and not the new one so naturally I didn’t answer it. The good thing to is that this one does not used predictive text which gets on my nerves a bit. Touch screen phones are weird. very sensitive and I worry that I may hit the wrong button sometimes. The only thing I dislike about it is the side screen widgets seem to open at will if you leave the side bar open.

Caught the bus to work today and saw one of the girls that I used to work with. She asked how I was getting on. Said that I was happier and a lot less stressed than I was when I worked there. Its strange though after two years of working for them, I have only seen two people that I worked with and barely spoke to them. To be honest I have nothing to say to anyone there at all. I still hate the way I was treated but have realised I am better off now than when I was there. Best to leave all of it in the past.

Might be going out on an 18th birthday bash in a couple of weeks. Jenna at work is 18 on 02 July so she is having a few drinks on the night and then we are having a team night out a few weeks later. Should be fun. Its years since I went out on an 18th bash apart from taking Kristie out for hers last October.

More random mutterings tomorrow……………….