Oooo now I did not expect that……………x 2

By redpanda On May 21st, 2009

After watching the Speedway last night I commented on how I had never been to a Grand Prix before and if he wanted ideas for my birthday then I would like to go to Cardiff for the British GP which is 2 weeks after my birthday. So low and behold tonight he has only been and gone and ordered tickets for all 4 of us to go. Woo Hoo can I do a happy dance? That has seriously made my day. I am so looking forward to it but it is going to be a very long day. Its about a three and a half hour drive each way and the meeting starts at 5pm so although it should be finished at a reasonable time it means we still will not get home til about one in the morning. Oh I really am happy about it. It means the world to me.

Work is going really well still and we have been offered overtime from next week. I am pleased with the way things are going and two agencies called me today about work. One was an agency that I registered with a week or so ago and the other sent me for an interview for a company in Verwood when I first became out of work but they turned me down but gave a very good feedback and now they have had another post come up and they want to talk to me again. I have said I would but I am happy doing what I am doing and don’t feel pressured at all where as I was before.

The music thing at work is interesting. Talking to some of those who do listen while they work opened my eyes to a bit more of the music world. They listen to anything from Lady Gaga to metal to trance and a lot more besides. Think I’ll stick to Jack Johnson and maybe some Appo podcasts. Want to hear the new Green Day CD once him indoors has sorted it out.

Keeping it short tonight. Its a long weekend so who knows what we will get up to.