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By redpanda On May 20th, 2009

last night, I got my wild card prediction for the British Speedway Grand Prix right. I said either Edward Kennett or Tai Woffinden and well they both had a good night. Chris Harris a deserving winner though and Eddie did really well to get to Cardiff. I have dropped huge hints tonight about going to Cardiff for the British GP for my birthday present. Whether it will happen or not I have no idea. On the subject of speedway, we have a new local team called the Bournemouth Buccaneers and they have their first home National League meeting tomorrow night. Against the King’s Lynn Barracudas (used to be at Boston). The best thing of all is that entry to it is free as its their first one. Guess we will go down and see it. I haven’t been to speedway for a good 3 years so its about time I went again. I watch it on Telly most weeks and most of the GP’s. I wish I could afford to go every week but for the whole family to go would cost in the region of £60.00 and that is without drinks or food. I miss the old days like going to Poole every week with my best friend, going on away trips and getting home at silly o’clock in the morning. Going to World Finals in Germany and Bradford in the 1980′s before they changed it to the GP system, going to the old White City stadium in London for assorted World Team Cup finals, ticker tape (made out of an old phone book pinched by someone from a phone box) at Eastbourne, oh and the old Halifax circuit, Sausage and chips at Watford Gap services at one in the morning with Rock band The Moody Blues………….I could go on but it would get boring……………

Feel reasonably happy today. Nothing major has happened and my mood for once is fairly upbeat. The day got better as it went on. Work was good. Worked 8.30 til 4.30 and doing the same again tomorrow. I like it that way as it means I can get home at a sensible time and not have to think about tea straight away.

The diet is not going as well as I would like it to, I gained a pound over the last two weeks. Not surprised as I was off work last week between jobs and I tend to eat more when I am at home. The new magazine has a load of fabulous recipes to try this time so if they work I may post them on here. A lot of them have a sort of Caribbean feel to them or are good Summer recipes.

Not much else to tell today so I’ll leave it at that.