Trusting People and more about me………………

By redpanda On May 19th, 2009

Well another day has come and gone and there is not really a lot to tell. Work went well apart from when the system crashed (server is in Northampton) and I sort of conquered the escalator but time will tell. Tried one of their chicken salads today in the canteen and it was really nice. I also found out that the girl I work with is off to America for two weeks in two weeks time so it means I need to get to know the other people a bit quicker than I thought I would have to. I am very wary of people until I get to know them and find it hard to trust people which is why I only have a handful of real friends. Those close to me are the only people I trust and respect. The other thing with me is I either like a person or I hate them. There is no middle ground. And I am also pretty accurate in my opinion of people and rarely get it wrong which I why when I do trusting those around me becomes more important than ever.

I was sat here and remembered that they told us to lessen the boredom we can take in mp3 players to listen to while we work. Then realised mine needs charging. I love music. I can listen to almost anything except Jazz and Country music. I like Rock mostly but also think that some R ‘n’ B and modern Punk is quite good. My favorite at the moment is Kings Of Leon CD Only By The Night which I can listen to all the time. Well that and The Ting Tings We Started Nothing. I find Jack Johnson relaxing especially In Between Dreams and Brush Fire Fairy Tales. Definitely work related music. I think that if I blast my ears out with AC/DC or The Foo Fighters the boss won’t be very happy.

Sleep is another issue. Its either all or nothing and more often than not it is nothing or very little anyway. I don’t know why or if it has something to do with the depression. Some days I feel I could sleep all day other days I am so energetic that I feel as if I could run a marathon. I just wish I could switch off completely and sleep properly for once.

More random stuff tomorrow after Speedway’s British Final. I think that the Wild Card for the Gand Prix series will be Edward Kennett or Tai Woffinden but I would love to see Joe Screen upset the apple cart and qualify.