New Job and Phobias

By redpanda On May 18th, 2009

First day in the new job and have been told that the contract is likely to go on until April next year at least. The department I am in was originally going to be moved to Northampton in April but is now staying indefinitely with a decision being made by March as to whether it is going to move and if so where to. It is basically secured data input and I cannot say any more than that. The people there are nice and they have a good staff restaurant which is good for the diet as they have a salad bar and deli bar which does low cal/fat lunches for about £1.50. The also do breakfasts but I think I will avoid them for the moment. We all take our breaks together too which is nice cos we get to know the team a bit better. Most of us are agency staff there. It is not bad at all. The only downside is when I leave the building. You can only go in and out by escalator. At the front of the building is a very large glass area. Now if there is one thing I have a phobia about (apart from a very severe one to do with snakes and also fire) it large areas of glass. In one job I had I refused to sit by the window as it ran floor to ceiling and was quite wide. Anyway getting back to today, it took me 10 minutes to get out of the building because of this flipping window. I think the security guy thought I was nuts. (He would not be far wrong to be honest) I ended up waiting until there was at least one other person who could go down in front of me before I got on the escalator. If there is someone in front of me there is no problem. Going up is not a problem either as you don’t see the glass.

The phobia to do with snakes stems back to a family picnic in the New Forest as a child, when out for a walk from our picnic base with my sister and two friends I almost trod on an Adder. I have been terrified of snakes ever since and will not go in a reptile house at the zoo or even look at a picture of them or look at them on the TV. And as for the thought of holding one………..don’t even go there. My friend Debs son has a pet snake and much as Ryan loved it I would not go anywhere near it when we visited them. The Fire phobia again is a bit odd. I could never light a match even at guide camp to light the fire and when I was younger my Mum put on an electric heater when we got back from a few days away one time and did not realise that some paper had fallen inside and it caught fire and it again terrified me. I still cannot light a match even now.

Today was also Ryan’s birthday. He loves his Cube World blocks and also the Snoopy book and Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff and the DS bits he got too. Ok we had a chocolate cake for his birthday cake which did not do the diet a lot of good but it was yummy and there is some left for tomorrow night. He also got a lot of money for his birthday and he says he wants to get family ski and snowboard for the Wii. I cannot believe he is 9 already. It seems like only yesterday he was coming home.

On the subject of the Wii, I really must get back into Wii Fit. I’ve not done it for ages and miss it in a sense. I stopped because I was exhausted after work all the time and had no energy. Now I work better hours I can try and concentrate on the things I love best. Hopefully the time factor will also help towards combatting the depression. There have been more up days than down days recently. There are a few issues I need to get my head round but things are starting to come together and that can only be good for me. The medication is fine and I feel as if I have reached a turning point now in my recovery.