Blooming weather

By redpanda On May 17th, 2009

Well today was supposed to be the SEKA (South East Kiting Association) Event day at Lordshill. Decided that due to the fact the rain at 8.30 this morning was coming in the bedroom window horizontally that it was probably a non starter, which is a shame as its about the nearest they ever get to us here. It was really heavy rain and it did wake me up. But for the rest of the day the wind has been howling. And I mean howling. Its been so strong it has knocked over the garden furniture again.

We moved into this house 7 years ago today. I’ll never forget it. It rained that day too. It was such a relief to move in the end so that the kids had their own rooms and that they had a big garden to play in. In the front you can probably get 4 or 5 cars if you wanted to. The back is about 40 foot long by about 30 foot wide. In retrospect the size of the garden did not matter as long as it was not shared like at the flat. I will never forget walking in here and saying it was finally ours.I’ll post a picture sometime of what it looks like now. Still needs work doing to it. I keep saying we will do this or we will do that but we never have the time.

Been to see the Mother in Law today as well to pick up Ryan’s cards. As usual she has something to moan about. The strange thing is that I get on better with her now than when the Father in Law was alive. Not sure why but I do. Also saw my great Nephew Elijah whilst we were there. He is two and he is absolutely stunning. I love his red/gold hair. Ryan had that when he was born then went blond and now is quite dark. I wish it had stayed red but then Kristie was white blond when she was born and is dark blond now.

Bit nervous about this job I am starting tomorrow if the truth be known. I am not sure what to expect apart from inputting info into a computer. I know they have a staff canteen on site but that is all. The money is not brilliant but its a job and it is bringing money in. I wish that the council would contact us regarding the posts that I have applied for through them. I just feel that working for them would be so right for me.

I hope the weather is better tomorrow. I hate the thought of starting a new job looking like a drowned rat…….