Eurovision and other rubbish

By redpanda On May 16th, 2009

Well that was hilarious. Normally only watch the voting which is always political but not so much this year due to the change in voting which still made me laugh. Was I the only one who thought that the Albanian entry deserved more votes than it got? For once the UK did well considering that the song seemed different to most of the rest. Not sure what Armenia and Moldova were doing but I thought they were dreadful.

Went down to Sandbanks earlier. Watching the kite surfers on both the harbour side and the beach at Shore Road. Very gusty winds down there and no one seemed to be jumping as they were on much smaller kites and it was long runs rather than the short runs you often get there.

Been thinking about work on Monday and what I really want to do in the future. I am going to look at doing an Open University course in either Health and Social Care or Psychology. It all stems from the last temp job at the council and I would like to do something to help those in more difficult positions than my own family. It is something that I have thought of doing before but never seemed to have the time or the money to do anything about it but hopefully that will change and I will be able to do something about it.

What is it about sea air though that makes you feel tired? One of lifes mysteries like many other like which came first the chicken or the egg and why does the wind always blow in the wrong direction when you want to go flying. Why also do teenagers think they know it all? And most of all why oh why does nobody ever listen clearly to what they are told? Ok I admit to being guilty of that too but not as much as some I could mention. Its why I have a calendar on the PC and everyone is supposed to update it. So why am I the only one who does? Answers on a post card please……………..