Woo hoo hang the flags out

By redpanda On May 15th, 2009

I have a new job to start on Monday. Data Input for a firm that deals in pensions and life insurance for the older generation. It may not be what I want to do but it will bring in money and also add another string to my bow so to speak. Anyway it Monday to Friday 9-5 and the place has a gym and a subsidised restaurant which I have seen before and it looks good. I wish I did not have to start on Ryan’s birthday but so be it. Its a long term temp contract which could go on for months. The irony is I was on my way in to see the agency when they called me about it anyway.

Also after having an argument with her managed a rather nice lunch with my daughter today. She seems to pick a fight with anyone and everyone over the least little thing. Today’s argument was over the state of her bedroom (or should I call it a tip or a pig sty) which has driven me nuts for ages. I have even threatened her with clearing everything out and dumping it now as I am so fed up with her lack of doing anything.

Other than that not really done much today apart from try and job search online and sorting out finances. Chuffed as hell cos I got a tax rebate I was not expecting for a few more weeks. Makes life easier for me in a lot of respects. Just got to get a few bits for Ryan’s birthday and we are sorted.

Been thinking though…..about the way life is at the moment……..I have good days (like today) and then I have horrendous days where I can’t get anything right and I want to stop the world and get off. The good news is that these days are getting less and less. I have issues that I struggle with some of the time but not all of the time. Today has made me so happy in so many respects but there is still that little niggle at the back of ny mind that something is not right. I can’t explain why though. May be the doctor can when I see him next.

More random thoughts tomorrow I’m sure.