Its Monday

By redpanda On May 11th, 2009

Need I say more. Today has been ok up to a point. The good things being the CBT appointment which went well and talking to the agency that got me the last temp job in the hope that they can get me another one. The down side was too much time running around on buses. I hate not being able to drive but the other side of the coin on that one is that if I could we could not afford to run a car. Luckily for us him indoors has a company car and we pay a certain amount towards fuel each month.

I managed to get Ryan a book he wanted for his birthday next week. Its a Snoopy book and that biy is just crazy about dogs. He has a very well loved Andrex Puppy (called Puppy) that goes more or less everywhere with him. Except school of course.

Still feel very hormonal. Feel a bit at a loss too as no work at the moment. I need to work to keep my mind occupied. Spoke to a few other agencies as well and there is not a lot on the temp or permanent scene at all at the moment.

Did not even get to weigh in tonight as the CBT over ran. Bit cross about that as I really wanted to go tonight. I like our group meets on a Monday night. It makes me feel good whether I lose weight or not. Having lost 2 stone in a year is good news for me. I also like trying some of the different recipes in the magazine and a couple of the books I have. Mental note to self. Do not ever get disillusioned when you have a small gain. Its not worth stressing out about.

Not a lot else to tell so I’ll leave it there today.

More random mutterings tomorrow.