That was not supposed to happen

By redpanda On May 8th, 2009

The funding to continue the temp job was declined so its back to the search again. Not impressed but the agency this has been done through is going to pull out all the stops and try and get me something else.

Apart from that today has pretty much been a non event. Nothing has really happened and it was the usual sort of Friday. Food shop, do the Euro Lottery, home then tea and read the online job sites. Its weird how you follow a routine for what seems like forever. Ever since I can remember the shopping has always been done on a Friday night.

Going Kiting tomorrow. Wind is looking good and as long as it does not rain we should be ok. I really need to get out and fly. I have a 2.5 Rage in Pink. Yes I know its very girly but I love it. It is the kite that gave me confidence after my rather severe knee injury three years ago. As I said before I am accident prone. I have fallen over non existent objects, my own feet, and that is just for starters. The kite accident was something that was a bit freaky but just the sort of thing that would happen to me anyway. What did not help was that everyone laughed at me when it happened. Though I can see the funny side of being hauled over by a 3 metre Ozone Samurai whilst wearing kite lillers now. Never known pain like it though.

Think I will take the camera out with me too. That is my other real passion after kiting but it was the injury that really got me into photography as I was out for a year. I love just being able to point the camera and getting the picture. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get it right. Other times it can be as easy as anything. I have my website for posting the pictures on. More about that another time though.

I find writing this is very theraputic. I loved writing as a child and won an award for a poem I wrote once. I must try that again and post some here.

Oh well tomorrow is another day and lets hope the weather stays good. Will try and work out how to post some kite pictures on here after tomorrow’s session.