Well that was a funny sort of day

By redpanda On May 7th, 2009

It started off sort of ok and got better as they day went on. It looks like my temp job with the local authority is going to be extended for another week (more money coming in thank goodness) after we found another absolutely huge box of unmatched paperwork. I’ve enjoyed doing this even though its not what I normally do. I also got asked to apply for a couple of jobs within the department I have been working in which I have done. I await the outcome. Also been applying for other more permanent jobs to see what the market is like at the moment. There are jobs out there but there are so many people chasing them.

Think I’ll talk about the diet next. I have been trying to lose weight for years. Ever since Ryan was born to be honest. So far in the past year I have lost two stone. I am not after a specific weight, I just want to be the dress size I was before I had kids. Then I’ll be happy. I have been doing Slimming World this time and it works. Like anyone else I have off weeks, but most of the time I end up losing a pound or two. Even him indoors is finding it beneficial. He is the only male in our group and likes the way it works. I just need to exercise a bit more I think.

Oh and if you want to know why Seaweed Beach……………….I live not far from the sea, love powerkiting on the beach and most of the local beaches have some seaweed on them. Actually I could not think of anything that did not relate to any user name I have else where. Its strange really. I live near some of the nicest beaches in the UK but you cannot powerkite on the beaches, only kite surf off some of them. And that is one thing that you will never catch me doing. My eyesight won’t let me anyway but I think it would send me into a state of panic if I got out of control, and besides which I doubt if I could get a wetsuit to fit me.

Just thinking. That gives me another incentive to lose weight. May be if I lost weight and felt more confident I could give it a go.

More from the random mutterings of a mad Mum tomorrow.