Random Thoughts

By redpanda On May 6th, 2009

Ok so where do I start. Oh I know at the beginning!

I’ve not really done an online blog before except sort of on the website and that was very intermittent, .so this is my first real attempt.

This is going to be bits about me, my life, thoughts on things that happen around me and my family and also my campaign to lose weight and how I deal with my depression. I also hope it will give you an insight into some of my hobbies as well.

Some of my thoughts can be a bit random from time to time. I have a tendency to do stupid things like falling over my own feet now and again for example.

So to start – I am a married Mum of two who works (alibi temping at the moment) live on the South Coast and have a passion for Power Kiting, Photography, Speedway and Music, actually I will listen to anything except for Jazz and Country…………….prefer Rock and that sort of thing.

I am very much a thinker rather than a doer if that makes sense. I tend to think about something and then do very little about it. That is one of the things I need to change about me. Along with a few others. More about that though in future thoughts.

And on that note its good night. Its been one heck of a long day.